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Collex Persée

Studia Celto-Slavica, volume 13 - 2023

23,5 x 17 cm - 15,00 €
Parution : novembre 2023
ISBN 979-10-92331-64-6
ISSN 2058-9050

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Quatrième de couverture

This special issue is the first of two volumes providing a
sample of the many lectures delivered at the Summer
School in Breton Language and Culture (Quimper, University
of Western Brittany) since its foundation in 2015. This first
volume has been conceived to offer international readers a
general introduction to the Breton history, literature, and
The first part of the volume contains articles by Patrick Galliou
who retraces the settlement of the Armorican peninsula,
from the earliest Paleolithic hunter-gatherers to the period of
Roman occupation, by Patrick Kernevez who examines how
the Breton power struggles and alliances led to the emergence
of a semi-autonomous system of governance, and by Yves
Coativy who outlines the complex history of Brittany from
the 13th to the 21st century.
The second part focuses on the matière de Bretagne, with
contributions by Ronan Calvez on 16th and 17th century Breton
literature of Brittany, by Fanch Postic who explores the topic
of oral literature and the central role it played in Breton
culture, by Nelly Blanchard who focuses on de la Villemarqué’s
Barzaz-Breiz (1839–1845–1867), and by Mannaig Thomas
who overviews the Breton-language literary production over
the course of the century up to 2020.