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Presentation of the library

A collection specializing in Brittany and Celtic countries

Open to the public, Yves-Le Gallo Library has a large collection of documents specializing in Brittany and Celtic countries: 54,000 books (of which 5000 in Breton and its various dialects), 2080 periodicals, 16,000 sound recordings, photographs, maps and postcards.

The library also collects the archives of the great figures of Breton culture such as Pierre-Jakez Hélias, Anatole Le Braz, Gwenc’hlan Le Scouëzec, and a large part of the archives of Action concertée de Plozevet etc.

Since January 2012, Yves-Le Gallo Library is a “Mixed Service Unit” (UMS 3554) of the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research).

Yves-Le Gallo Library’s collection

  • 39 500 books including 15,000 pre-1960 books
  • 2080 periodicals (ArMen, French Ethnology) 
  • Music library: 16,000 audio recordings, of which 300 unreleased CDs (Donatien Laurent collection)
  • 9 600 articles of collective works, conference proceedings...
  • Image Library: 2000 postcards, photographs and glass plates (Louis Thomas collection), 300 posters...
  • Over 1000 maps (IGN maps, historical maps, atlases)
  • “Grey literature”: PhD or Master’s theses, DEA (Master of Advanced Studies) or Master’s dissertations

VIDEO : Presentation of the library during the “Night of the UBO” (November 2011)


Yves-Le Gallo Library contributes to enrich the following catalogues:

Yves-Le Gallo library (UMS3554)


Bibliothèque Yves-Le Gallo
Faculté des Lettres et Sciences humaines Victor-Segalen
20 Rue Duquesne
29238 BREST
Tel : 33.(0).298.016.379

Courriel : direction.bibliothequeCRBC@univ-brest.fr

La bibliothèque passera en horaires réduits durant la semaine du 26 février :

    Du lundi au jeudi : 9h-12h / 13h-18h
    Vendredi : 9h-12h / 13h-17h

Accès et emprunt d'ouvrages libres et gratuits.


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